1. Select the model of the speakers

Our speakers can be selected depending on your listening space. If the columns are to stand on the floor – then the most suitable are free standing columns, 1 meter high, set on special spikes, which do not transfer vibrations to the floor. If you want to set columns on your desk / dresser / TV cabinet, monitor columns will be more suitable, eg MK.II.s. Available models are here.

2. Choose finish

Our columns are finished with natural veneers. They provide the color and texture of real wood, they can be matched to the color of the furniture or the style of the room. All available veneers can be found here.

3. Fill in the order form

The order form is available here. Orders can also be emailed to kontakt@ratstudios.pl or submited by phone. After confirming your order, we issue an advance invoice for 40% of the speakers value. After receiving payment we immediately begin the construction of the speakers.

4. Waiting time for delivery is about a month

At that time we will hand-build and test your speakers. The progress of the work is documented by photographs which we will share with you by e-mail.

5. Delivery method

Speakers can be picked up in person or will be sent by courier. In the case of courier we will add the cost of shipping to the final invoice – 30 euro.