Rat Raw are the speakers that were created at the special request of Toruń's King of Vinnies by Jacek Chmielewski on the occasion of the jubilee vinyl exchange in Toruń. IN FACT IS THAT THE RAW is MORE INTERESTING VERSION OF MK3. They are located on the border of art and conceptual art. With this model, we have been able to prove that we are able to reach even higher levels of extracting perfect sound in any, even extreme conditions. In spite of all the trends we have built columns enclosed in an OSB board. Crazy? Maybe, but just listen to it!


The Look

RAW is, in spite of appearances, a fantastic sound enclosed in the original housing. In contrast to our other series here there is no choice of finish. By applying the OSB disc, the final form remains a mystery, both for us and for you. Their raw appearance is emphasized by real wood fronts.

płyta OSB

Is OSB durable or are you messing around?

This is one of the questions you're asking yourself at the moment. So yes, OSB is durable and looks sophistically. Do you not believe? Take a look at the picture to the left of this text - it's our studio floor through which hundreds of kilograms of musical equipment have gone through, and the only thing we do with it is sweeping from time to time.



In RAW columns we use high quality carbon fiber midwoofer and our favorite tweeter with ring diaphragm technology to provide the right balance known from top-class constructions. All this is powered by a hand-made crossover designed by our sound engineer. All the measurements we have done in our recording studio to ensure that we provide you with excellent sound.

RAT RAW - szczegół


Tweeter: 25mm with ring membrane technology
midwoofer: 5 inch carbon fiber membrane
Frequency response: 40-20 000 Hz (-3dB)
Impedance: 8 Ohm
RMS: 80 W
Hand-made crossover with foil bipolar capacitors
Housing capacity: 16 liters
Bass reflex slot located at the back
Case tuning: 40 Hz