It's our flagship model. Hand-made crossover is the result of many experiments and experiences gained over time. Our studio work with musicians was crucial in designing this model. Thanks to them we know how a perfect tone is created at the source.

RAT CALLISTO szczegół - głośnik nistotonowy

The look

MK.IV are distinguished by a strict, minimalist design referring to studio monitors. Used to work with artists, we know how important expression of freedom is. That's why you choose how your new speakers will be finished. We have the choice of top quality natural veneers or any color of varnish you like.

RAT Callisto - szczegół


Tweeter: 25mm with ring membrane technology
midwoofer: 6,5 inch carbon fiber membrane
Frequency response: 40-20 000 Hz (-3dB)
Impedance: 8 Ohm
RMS: 140 W
Hand-made crossover with foil bipolar capacitors
Housing capacity: 16 liters
Bass reflex slot located at the back
Case tuning: 40 Hz

RAT Callisto - widok ogółny

The Sound

At first we built these speakers for ourselves. We chose the best components and built a crossover. Each of us listens to different music, so we had to build a loudspeaker that would deal with very diverse playlists. Yes, it is! We listen to music after studio working hours on it. When we did every detail - we showed the columns to friends who forced us to build the same for them. Now it's your turn. Listen on it your favorite albums. You will not be disappointed.

RAT Callisto - szczegół