Club Series is designed for those locals, which crave the highest sound quality, and its aesthetic needs go beyond the standard perception of the a speaker as a piece of wood with a questionable quality speaker.

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Quality is also durability

Therefore, for the construction of speakers we use the highest quality materials. Loudspeakers with waterproof membranes will overcome the hardships of daily, long hours of work while the waxed genuine wood veneer will grow old like wine - with time it'll become even more beautiful.

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Club Series Specification:

Tweeter: 25mm with patented ring membrane technology
Medium woofer: 5 inches with waterproof membrane
Frequency response: 40-20,000 Hz (-3dB)
Impedance: 8 Ohm
RMS power: 70 W
Hand-made crossovers used foil bipolar capacitors.
Enclosure capacity: 10 liters
Bass reflex slot located at the front
Enclosure tuning: 45 Hz

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The first impression is not just sound alone

The appearance is as important as the sound - the speakers are designed to match the interior. RAT Club is distinguished by its original, raw design, which reminiscent of Scandinavian minimalism. With the experience acquired in the work with artists, we know how important the freedom of expression is, which is why we give you a choice among many possibilities of finishing.

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Our recipe for a scuffed throat

The most common problem with loudspeaker systems in clubs and restaurants is too loud music playing, when you can not talk without raising your voice.

The flat profile of the sound system encourages the user to turn up the volume in the room to hear more details. We have dealt with this problem already at the design stage of the crossover. Our speakers play a very detailed middle rage in order to deliver the right depth. RAT Clubs plays differenty so that the sound does not overlap with the human voice, and your customers are free to talk with good music in the background all evening.

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